Our Course

Hole 1
Par 4
Stroke 5
393 metres
Hole 10
Par 4
Stroke 12
346 metres

The 1st is what seems to be a straight forward dogleg left par 4 until you reach your drive. With out-of-bounds running the length of the right hand side and a slope running from left to right this can be a tricky hole if not judged correctly. The severe slope short and right of the green means that any misses should be short or left if anything.

Hole 2
Par 4
Stroke 7
359 metres
Hole 11
Par 4
Stroke 4
370 metres

The 2nd plays longer than its yardage due to the steep incline of the fairway. Your second will be to a raised green hidden behind a bunker to the right. Anything long will leave a testing downhill chip, so if you are going to miss the green with your second, rather be short and left.

Hole 3
Par 4
Stroke 15
283 metres
Hole 12
Par 4
Stroke 14
299 metres

This is a relative short, straightforward par 4 which plays slightly uphill off the tee, but beware the water hazard which lies waiting approximately 70 metres from the green.

Hole 4
Par 3
Stroke 11
147 metres
Hole 13
Par 3
Stroke 10
162 metres

The 4th is a shortish par 3 with out-of-bounds running down the right. Typical wind conditions will come off the left meaning that unless you are confident about hooking it into the wind, we would suggest aiming as far left as possible to avoid the OB.

Hole 5
Par 4
Stroke 3
316 metres
Hole 14
Par 4
Stroke 2
316 metres

This is our famous Monument hole. A well thought out drive is needed here as anything right will leave some tall pine trees to deal with, while going left means dealing with a bunker short of the green, and a steep uphill slope to the left and right of the green.

Hole 6
Par 3
Stroke 13
139 metres
Hole 15
Par 3
Stroke 18
121 metres

Our signature hole features a large water hazard short, and short right of a large, undulating green which feeds from back right, to front left. Although a tee shot long remains dry, a steep up-slope makes for a tough up and down.

Hole 7
Par 5
Stroke 9
448 metres
Hole 16
Par 5
Stroke 8
459 metres

The 7th is a straight forward par 5 which can be very long at times with the wind blowing straight in your face. A slightly raised green causes the ball to release slightly more, so get your flop shots ready and you can score an easy birdie on this hole.

Hole 8
Par 5
Stroke 17
453 metres
Hole 17
Par 5
Stroke 16
463 metres

Similar to the 7th, this hole features houses and out of bounds down the right, and a line of trees down the left, however this is a great hole to open up and let one loose of the tee thanks to the wide open fairway. The green is raised with slopes from back left to front right and can be a tough pin to get to when placed either on the back left or right.

Hole 9
Par 4
Stroke 1
401 metres
Hole 18
Par 4
Stroke 6
392 metres

With a narrow, Augusta like window off the tee box, this hole has you hoping and praying as you stand on the last. The fairway opens up nicely if you manage to squeeze it between the trees, but watch out for your second as a water hazard lies short and right of the green, while a steep up-slope will catch anyone who drifts it left.