10th May 2021


  • Rule regarding new Fence at the Rubbish Tip on the right of the 9th & 18th Fairway
    If a player hits his ball into the greenkeeper’s rubble area, relief may be taken, without penalty, at the point of entry. Nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole.

    If the fence interferes with the players swing or stance, the immovable obstruction rule is to be applied:
    If an immovable obstruction interferes with a player’s swing or stance, relief may be taken, without penalty. Nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole. NO line of sight relief.
11-MayIngrid Campbell
11-MayJim Moore
12-MayJoel Katz
12-MayCezanne Van Zyl
12-MayMichael Wilson
13-MayFrancois De Villiers
13-MayDerek Tee
13-MayRichard Wohlrab
14-MayMichael Davis
14-MayChristiaan Dempers
14-MayHylton Newcombe
14-MayChristopher Townsend
15-MayCyril Tyler
17-MayNic Bakker
17-MayKenneth Barwood
17-MayJustin Butler
17-MayDavid Geard
17-MayLester Nefdt
17-MayRoy Tustin