22nd February 2021


It would be much appreciated if our members could provide their Club with feedback on the following:

Your input is truly appreciated.

Would you like the monthly medal to return on the last Saturday of every month?
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  • Prize giving will be back in full swing from 24 February 2021, however will begin as non-attendance prize giving until we can go ahead once again.
  • In an effort to speed up play and overall turnaround time, we have a menu located on the 9th tee box for fourballs to collect orders and Whatsapp them through to the halfway house, this will allow the halfway house to prepare meals and have them ready on completion of the 9th hole. Please save the below number to your phone for orders.
    ​Walmer Golf Club Halfway House: 081 804 9688

  • The Handicap Committee has decided to implement the following handicap rules relating to competition rounds.

    Should a player achieve the following scores or equivalent in a competition round the following cuts to a players index will be implemented and frozen for a month:

    39 to 40 points: -1 index point
    41 to 43 points: -2 index points
    44+: -3 index points

    Each time the player achieves these scores, their handicap will be cut accordingly, even though they may already be on a frozen index.​ 

    The new handicap allowances will be introduced 1 March 2021.
    Please click the link to find out more.

  • Mens Club Championships will be on the 15th and 16th of May, please get hold of the Pro Shop to ensure your booking.

Happy Birthday

22-FebPhilip Nel
22-FebEugene George Owen
23-FebBruce King
23-FebMartin Munnick
23-FebMegan Pollock
23-FebVincent Raepsat
23-FebJohan Schaefer
24-FebWessel van Deventer
25-FebJean-Christophe Godet
25-FebMatthew Keeley
25-FebAndre Schlemmer
25-FebClinton Snyders
25-FebBennie Stadler
25-FebRod Townsend
25-FebDesmond Van Den Berg
26-FebRobert D'Offay
26-FebDoug McPherson
27-FebAndre Germshuys
27-FebRobert Jamieson
27-FebPaulette Mcewan
28-FebMarco Coetzee
28-FebEwan Krain
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