June 2022

Golf Operations

The end of May saw the hosting of the final round of the Nashua Member/Member Competition. Although the 1st round was rained out, we had a good turnout for the final round which was finally won by Machiel and Jo-Anne Marx. We would like Congratulate them on their victory and thank Peter Hearne from Nashua for his continued support of this wonderful event, which is an event introduced specifically for the members of Walmer Golf Club.

The month of June has been an eventful month with the holding of our Men’s Club Championships.

We would like to thank all our members who participated and congratulate the following for winning their various divisions:

Club Champion: Dillon Germshuys

A Division: Machiel Marx

B Division: Stefan Els

C Division: Mike Jones

Dillon, Machiel and Mike will be representing our Club at the upcoming Regional Finals for the Club Champion of Champions.

We were privileged to host the Delta Seniors. The Eastern Cape Nomads and The Vipers Hockey Club once again held their fundraiser at Walmer Golf Club. Thank you to all these groups for their support of the club. VW Golf Society will be joining us on the 26th of June.


The cart path on the 2nd was completed and carters now have a smooth ride from the back tee box to the fairway.

The 3 palms bordering the putting green have been removed and re-planted to the left of the 6th green. They were hindering the growth of the putting green and I honestly don’t think I have ever seen a happier face, than when we told Caiphus (Head Greenkeeper) that we were re-locating these palms.

We also had an additional palm tree donated by Allandale Retirement Village and this has been planted next to the 6th green with the other palms. A big thank you to Allandale Retirement Village.

The rebuilding and beautification of the 1st tee box has started. We have removed the dead bush behind the tee box and are extending it to give us more teeing ground.

In conclusion:

Swing sweetly, remain calm and HAPPY GOLFING!