27th July 2022

Walmer Golf Club

Please note that our showers will be closed until further notice.

Join us on the 6th and 13th of August for the rugby, Springboks vs All Blacks. Wonderful specials to be announced.

Walmer Golf Club

Special Dates to take note of:

Saturday 3rd September: Standard Bank Powerball Betterball: Play it as it Lies: 3rd Round Qualifier

Saturday 24th September: OLA 9 Hole Shootout (We need to promote this well to try and break a record for most rounds on the course in one day)

Sat 15th October: Standard Bank Powerball Betterball: Play it as it Lies: FINAL

1st to 6th November: Festival of Golf (Sponsorship Opportunities available, please contact the Pro Shop)

Tuesday 1st November: R1 per hole Social Golf

Wednesday 2nd November: President’s Day

Thursday 3rd November: TBC

Friday 4th November: TBC

Saturday 5th November: Captain’s Day

Sunday 6th November (AM): Nissan Mixed

Sunday 6th November (PM): Junior  Competition

Sunday 13th November: OLA Ryder Cup

Saturday 19th November: Hyper Pneumatics P.E.A.R Fundraiser

Saturday 26th November: Nissan Schnaps

Saturday 3rd December (AM): Fitch & Leedes Rosebowl


This month's Beyond the Shot is out. This series serves to keep our members informed as to what is happening in and around the Clubhouse and on the Golf Course.

We hope that this will be of interest to everyone receiving our newsletters.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us on what you would like to see in this series.

Please click on this link to take you to this month's “Beyond the Shot”.

10 Rules Golfers Still Get Wrong

In this series we pick out 10 rules that many golfers are unaware or are unsure of. In competition, some of these could lead to penalty shots or even disqualification.

In some cases, these rules are there to help you, so they are well worth knowing.

In our newsletter, we will be covering one rule per week, to assist you with your rules knowledge on the course.

2. Playing from outside teeing area

A very commonly broken rule.

The key here is in relation to the penalty because this is something golfers frequently get wrong.

There is a two-stroke penalty in stroke play, and you must correct the error before you tee off on the next hole. If you do not do that, then you get disqualified.

In match play, however, there is no penalty and it is entirely up to your opponent as to whether or not they ask you to cancel the stroke and play again. This may depend on how good or otherwise the original shot was!

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Please be sure to look at the back of the scorecard for our local rules. If a player is unsure of the right call on the golf course, their 1st point of call is to verify with their marker.

With only 4 qualifiers left for the final, and a MINIMUM of 6 games needed, if you have not yet played an event, I'm afraid it's too late.

Remember for next year, in order to get to the final of the ECM Monthly IPS, you need to be IN IT TO WIN IT!

Walmer Golf Club

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