6th July 2022

Walmer Golf Club

Please note that our showers will be closed until further notice.

Walmer Golf Club
Walmer Golf Club

5D Global takes Walmer Golf Club into the Virtual World:

We are excited to announce that Walmer Golf Club has taken the leap into Virtual Reality, recently 5D Global VR captured our Course in 360 degrees. Having a Virtual Tour of the club will enable players to have a fully immersive experience of the Course prior to game day. Moving into this space will keep us current and up to date in today's world.

Click to view a Virtual Tour and find out how you can get involved.

Benefits for Golfers:
Drone fly over's and 360 photography creates a fully immersive experience for the player pre-game day. Viewing pin placements, marking off yardages, and receiving advice from the course pro voice-over contributes to effective strategizing.

Benefits to Sponsors:
Logo Feature on landing page and /or tee box
Link out to sponsor website
5D Global offers Virtual Tour discounts to sponsors
International brand awareness on BirdieVR Platform

To view our available sponsorship opportunities, please visit the virtual tour and click on become a sponsor.

This month's Beyond the Shot is out. This series serves to keep our members informed as to what is happening in and around the Clubhouse and on the Golf Course.

We hope that this will be of interest to everyone receiving our newsletters.
Please share your thoughts and suggestions with us on what you would like to see in this series.

Please click on this link to take you to the first of many “Beyond the Shot”.

Our new Committee for 2022

We bid farewell to Norman Benn and Bernard Cloete. Thank you for your dedicated commitment to Walmer Golf Club for your years spent serving on the committee.

Accidentally Hitting The Ball

To help increase the knowledge of our members we will add a ruling to each month’s newsletter.

Accidentally hitting your ball whilst having a practice swing.

The ruling for accidentally hitting your golf ball depends on which part of the golf course you are playing, so we have broken the rule up to 3 keys areas below;

FROM THE TEE – if you accidentally strike your ball whilst having a practice swing on the tee, you must replace your ball without any penalty. 

This rule doesn’t cover the golfer who intentionally sets up to hit a tee shot and miss hits the shot dribbling the ball of the tee or shooting the ball sideways off the heel or toe of the golf club.

THROUGH THE GREEN (fairway, rough, hazard) – if you accidentally strike your ball whilst having a practice swing in one of these areas, you are deemed to have moved your ball and must replace the ball and incur a 1 stroke penalty. If you fail to replace your ball it’s a 2 stroke penalty.

ON THE PUTTING GREEN SURFACE – if you accidentally strike your ball whilst having a practice stroke, you must replace your ball to the position it was resting before contact. There is no penalty for this incident.

Please be sure to look at the back of the scorecard for our local rules. If a player is unsure of the right call on the golf course, their 1st point of call is to verify with their marker.

Another great weekend for our local Dillon Germshuys, who took home the Fallow Deer Trophy at this weekends tournament at Royal Port Alfred Golf Course.

Placed 2nd overall in her division in the Southern Cape Mid Amateurs at Kingswood.

With only 5 qualifiers left for the final, and a MINIMUM of 6 games needed, if you have not yet played an event, I'm afraid it's too late.

Remember for next year, in order to get to the final of the ECM Monthly IPS, you need to be IN IT TO WIN IT!

Walmer Golf Club
Walmer Golf Club
Walmer Golf Club
Walmer Golf Club
Walmer Golf Club